Vincent "Vinny" Capello is the current don of the Capello Crime Family.

Vincent "Vinny" Capello
Vincent Capello
"I think this city needs a little more character."




May 7th, 1958 (Age: 53)

The Bronx, New York


Capello Crime Family




Roman Catholic


Vincent Capello was born on May 7th, 1958 in The Bronx, New York to Aldo Capello and Drita Rizzo. His mother left when he was four and he was raised by his father who was an alcoholic mail man in their apartment on Arthur Avenue in the Belmont Neighborhood of The Bronx. Capello did well in school and excelled in amost all of his calsses. When he graduated high school in 1977, he started working for Gambino Crime Family capo, Caesar "Big C" Podina with his friend Anthony "Tony" Bruno who owned a cab depot across the street from his apartment. He worked his way up from running numbers to being a collector for the family. He and Bruno both collected protection money from buisnesses for the family until 1982 when they were both became made men in the Gambino family. As a made man, Capello and his friends started a crew within the Gambino's Bronx crew led by Podina, known as the Arthur Avenue 5 who did most of their buisness on Arthur Avenue and on other streets in the Belmont Neighborhood of the Bronx. Throughout the 1980's, he and the rest of the Arthur Avenue 5 became some of the most well respected mobsters in New York City as they had rackets for the family and served as enforcers for the family. By the early 1990's, Capello had become invlolved in various scams perpetuated by the New Jersey based DeCavalcante Crime Family. This included insurance fraud, tax scams, counterfiet money and document operations, credit cars scams and other types of quick money scams. This earned him a cut of the profits generated from the DeCavlacante family's operations and he also served as extra muscle for the family. In 1999 he was convicted of insurance fraud and scentenced to 2 years in prison. When he was realesed in 2001 he moved to Phoenix, Arizona to seek work with the Scorsese Crime Family. He began working as an enforcer for the family in 2002 and worked his way up in the ranks. He became a made man in the Scorsese family in 2004 and by 2007 he became capo of the Little Italy Crew. During the war with the O'Looney Gang, Capello and his crew fought agianst them vigorusly and killed many members of the O'Looney Gang who were a threat to the family. When the war was over in 2011, Leonardo Mancini appointed Capello don of the family. He quickly renamed the family after himself and began picking up the pieces left behined by the war. After a short conflict with the Shadow Dragon Boys; a local Triad group, Capello began to usher in a new era for the family and made many alliances with other criminal organizations.