Joseph "Joe" Maisano is a capo in the Capello Crime Family and leader of the Little Italy Crew.

Joseph "Joe" Maisano
Joseph Maisano
"If I could have one thing, it would be the world."




January 20th, 1972 (Age: 39)

Krebs, Oklahoma


Capello Crime Family




Roman Catholic


Joseph Maisano was born to Laura Foletti and Carmine Maisano on January 20th, 1972 in the small Italian American community of Krebs, Oklahoma. His father, a mechanic at a local auto shop, and his mother, a waitress at Pete's Place, made little money and lived in a small house. Maisano did well in school but had no interest in it. After seeing the film The Godfather in 1982, he became facinated with the Italian Mafia and spent most of his high school days pretending to be one. By the time he graduated high school in 1990, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona and started work as a waiter at a bar run by the Capello Crime Family. Quickly, he became involved in their activites running errands for the family and being a small time loanshark. In 1998 he became a member of the Capello family and served in the Little Italy crew under capo Thomas "Tommy" Balera. Throughout the early and mid 2000's he gained a reputation for his strict way of dealing with people who did buisness with the family. He wasn't a hitman, but a buisnessman for the family making deals and selling weapons. When long time don Giorgino Scorsese died in 2008 and a war broke out with the O'Looney Gang, Maisano surivived many attempts at his life and killed several members of the O'Looney Gang. He also killed Giorgio "Georgey" Moretti, a rat who had been leaking information about the family to the O'Looney Gang in a shootout at Patrick O'Looney's house where he was held up. By the end of the war Maisano was one of the few surviving high ranking members of the Little Italy Crew and was made capo of the Little Italy Crew in 2011 by don Vincent "Vinny" Capello. Maisano remains one of the most respected members of the Capello Crime Family and one of the most feared mobsters in Arizona. A extra sidenote is that he has never been seen without his feared Para Ordinance 45 caliber pistol with custom gold plating since he got it as a gift from Vinny in 2007 for his accomplishments in the Little Italy crew. (This is also the same pistol he used to end the life of Giorgio Moretti)