Carmine "C" Piccolo is a soldier in the Capello Crime Family and hitman for the family.

Carmine "C" Piccolo
Carmine Piccolo
"Hey man, FUCK YOU!"




December 20th, 1975 (Age: 36)

Camden, New Jersey


DeCavalcante Crime Family (Formerly)

Capello Crime Family




Roman Catholic


Carmine "C" Piccolo was born on December 20th, 1975 in the rough part of Camden, New Jersey. His mother was an abusive alcoholic and his father left when he was 4. Piccolo dropped out of school and ran away from home when he was 14. He ended up in Jersey City, New Jersey and got work as an errand boy for the DeCavalcante Crime Family. He lived in the back room of a DeCavalcante family bar and worked his way up to be a hitman for the family by age 18 and became a made man in the DeCavalcante Family at age 22 in 1997. He quickly earned a reputation in Jersey City as a dangerous killer and is reputed to have killed some 10 people for the DeCavalcante family between 1993 and 2001 when he was scentenced to five years in prison for selling drugs. Upon his realese in 2006, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona in search of work with the Capello Crime Family. He began working as a hitman for the family later that year and earned a reputation as a dangerous killer for the family. In 2010 he became a made man in the Capello Family and now is apart of the Littly Italy Crew headed by Joseph "Joe" Maisano.